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The cuisine of the Mediterranean is among one of the healthiest, most nutrient dense in the world. It is no coincidence therefore, that in this part of the world, olive oil is an irreplaceable part of its original recipes.

The Excellence range is an optimal choice to add natural, healthy flavor to any meal, especially salad, vegetables, or grilled meat; while the Plaisir range is a great choice for cooking. The temperature must be kept low/medium in order to preserve optimal flavor, and antioxidant benefits. 

To truly appreciate the intense flavor, and aroma of our pure extra-virgin olive oil, we suggest that you enjoy it simply - with a bit of fresh bread, and balsamic vinegar! 


Organic par Excellence

Therapeutic Usage

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Therapeutic benefits of the olive oil on the health are endless. It contributes to reduce body weakness against chronic diseases including cancer. Many studies have showed a very low index of coronary diseases in countries with Mediterranean food habits.

On another hand, olive oil consumption improves cardiovascular risks thanks to a better control of the blood pressure, reduces triglyceride rate, glucose, global cholesterol and LDL type (the bad cholesterol) and increases coagulation.

Other studies highlight that olive oil consumption helps in preventing breast and colon cancer because of the mono-saturated acid that the oil contains.

It's also prevents against mental degeneration with its healthy fat.

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Using olive oil avoid using any commercial products intended for controlling rebel and undisciplined hairs. Nutrients provided by the oil straighten hairs, make them shine and help them to regenerate. 

It is also an excellent natural moisturizing. It’s fitting against aging and keep the skin fresh and soft.