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Our harvest season begins each October, and can continue on until January. Our olives are picked, sorted and cleaned by hand, and special care is taken to remove all leaves, and debris that may cause bitterness in the resulting product. Our crop is never harvested by modern machinery, and the result is olives and extra - virgin olive oil of incomparable quality.


To ensure peak freshness and highest quality, our olive oil is extracted from our 100 % organic olives within less than 24 hours of their harvest. Additionally, our olives are always cold-pressed under hydraulic pressure. This process allows the oil to be extracted naturally from the olive paste, without the addition of water or other agricultural inputs.


During this phase, vertical centrifuges (oil separators) are used, and due to their quick rotations, any naturally occurring water within our freshly pressed oil is separated. Our team then employs rigorous, modern methods to analyze and monitor the quality of our product in compliance with all organic norms.


The process of decanting consists of removing the last remnants of water from our product. This is achieved by the temporary storage of our oil in large settling tanks. Our extra-virgin olive oil is stored in double-walled, steel tanks. These tanks are kept in an underground storage facility, untouched by sunlight, which preserves essential antioxidants, polyphenols and micronutrients. Our commitment to this method of storage guarantees that our extra-virgin olive oil is not only superior to other brands in taste, but also in health benefits, and nutrition.


Our product goes through many stages of packaging, all of which is made possible by the usage of the most advanced technology. Even so, this stage is carefully monitored to ensure our product looks as good as it tastes. In addition, our extra-virgin olive oil comes in two distinct ranges "Excellence and Plaisir" to satisfy the unique needs of our customers around the globe. 

The Excellence range is packaged in a large and dark, ornate glass bottle with golden lettering and accents. This beautiful piece is securely cradled in an artisanal box made of natural wood, and branded with the Tesoro Del Rio name. Excellence makes a beautiful and unique gift for all occasions.

The Plaisir range is simple, and adapted more for daily usage. The bottle, while made from glass as well, and with the same ornate lettering as Excellence, its shape is more practical. The outer packaging of our second range is less showy than the first. The bottle is jacketed in plain burlap branded with our name. This gives Plaisir a pleasant, rustic feel that represents our commitment to natural, organic farming.

As gifts, TESORO DEL RIO can be packed in boxes in natural wood for EXCELLENCE range or elegant jute bags for PLAISIR range.